Australia is one of the top tourist destinations across the world, and you would be happy to pack your bags and take off on a journey to the world’s smallest continent if filing an Australian visa was an easy affair! But there are some simple and basic tips that you can follow step by step to get a visa to your dream destination! Many people go to visa processing companies to get their visas done, but you can simply follow our comprehensive guide on the visa application process. This step-by-step guide will ease your problem so you can easily get your Australian tourist visa!

How to Apply for an Australia Visa?

It is simple to file an online Australian visa and complete the visa process. A few years back people used to rely on the paper visa process, however; nowadays people rely upon online visa portals as the process has become rapid and hassle-free.

All Australian visa records are available in the VEVO (Visa Entitlement Verification Online) service after 2015, when Australia discontinued the whole visa process. Nowadays, people find it much easier to apply for online applications rather than paperwork as it is easy to store the data and the reviewing process gets much simpler.

However, some countries still follow traditional paper visa applications and are not eligible for online applications, so in this scenario, you must submit a paper application to the respective embassy. There are some solid guidelines and rules that you must follow for every type of application when you are looking for a visa.

Here is the step-by-step process for the Australia visa process!

Here are some basic steps that you can follow to complete the Australia visa process.

  • Go to the online visa portal and open an account.
  • Choose the visa type you want.
  • Completely fill up the Australian visa form.
  • Don’t forget to attach need original documents.
  • Pay the application fee.
  • Submit the application.

Create an account on the online visa portal website!

The basic thing that you should do first is to open an account on an online visa portal to get an Australian visa, i.e., the official website of the Australian Department of Home Affairs (ImmiAccount). You don’t need to worry about the charges, this process is free of cost, and you won’t be charged for it. The simple thing that you must do here is to completely fill up your original personal information and create a password to access that account. You will get a confirmation mail after this step.

The online visa application portal is useful, and you can access your application from time to time, you simply must compile your required documents and keep checking the reviewing process for your visa from time to time. You can even open an organizational account if the applicant belongs to the organization, a migration agent from a company or a company is sponsoring him.

Choose the Correct Visa Type from the drop-down menu in the form.

We can see, there are numerous types of Australian visas, and you must choose the correct one for yourself as per your purpose. Your type of visa will change as per the purpose of your visit. You can find numerous options such as a tourist visa, a student visa, a work visa, etc.

Fill in the Australian Visa Form

You will find many different application forms as per the visa you choose. You must choose the visa type and keep filling in the form as per the requested details. You must fill in complete information in the form and correct personal information (name, birthdate, marriage status, etc.). It is crucial to fill up the complete information about why you are visiting Australia and the duration of your stay and many more things. It is advisable to fill up these details with caution as it holds a big weight for visa approval. Likewise, your family and friends who would be travelling with you will fill up their separate forms.

Upload the Required Documents

Here are some documents that you must upload while filling up the online application:

  1. You can see the display option there, “Upload/attach a document”.
  2. Select the person for whom you are attaching files.
  3. Select the reason for attaching these documents.
  4. Choose the type of document.
  5. Give the name to the file.
  6. Choose to attach.

It is important to upload your photo while going for Australian visa process or any other, so it is necessary to attach pictures and you will find an option of attaching photos. You must simply select the option “attach a passport photo” while you are uploading photos. It is advised to go through the Australian visa photo requirements and attach perfect pictures as per that.

The documents that are needed while filing up Australian visa will vary as per the visa type. However, some basic documents that are always needed are general requirements including passport, passport-size pictures, travel insurance, financial documents, etc. and these documents should be original and scanned.

Pay the Application Fee

You must pay the charges for filing a visa application, and the charges might vary as per your type of visa. You must pay the charges for the visa application prior to submitting it. Your application only passes when you are done with all the clearances and charges. You can pay your fees via numerous payment options given in the process itself, including debit card, credit card and PayPal.

Submit the Application

If you have filled out all the information in the form and attached all the needed documents, you can go ahead and submit your application. You can change the details of your form anytime, and you can contact the Australian authorities and the Department of Foreign Affairs if you would like to tell them that something has changed in your application form.

It is easy for you to track your application process and where it is via this online portal. The processing time for visa applications is a bit long, and you might want to keep a check on your visa application from time to time to see where it has reached. It is beneficial to keep track of your visa application process through the account while the processing goes on because you can act quickly if there are issues.

If you have already submitted the visa application process but haven’t received the visa yet, you can withdraw your visa form and fill in another form. Whenever you feel your visa application is stuck or it has been processed so that you can’t withdraw now, you can simply file another new visa. Nowadays, you can find numerous Visa processing companies that will hold your hand and get you through the visa process. It can be a good option to connect with professionals!

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