HR Outsourcing

Managing all your HR needs efficiently

Get the stress off your HR department by outsourcing the most time-consuming component of your business to us.

Personalized HR solutions

Get access to specialized HR expertise and speed up your transactional HR functions. With our easy and efficient solutions, you spend less time on human resource management and more on growing your business. We will do all the legwork for you so that your HR resources can focus on more strategic functions. From benefits enrollment, organizational structure re-engineering, tracking goals and strategies to taking care of your compliance needs, we do it all for you.

Our HRM offerings: 

Workforce administration – Developing and operating HR information systems, employee management policy, and data management.

Rewards and Recognitions- Handling the routine tasks of all reward programs such as providing incentives.

HR Audits- Analysis to advise on the scope of HR functions improvement.

Compensation and Benefits- Conduct salary surveys, compliance, compensation and eligibility designs.


Save your time from mundane HR administrative tasks and issues on payroll and focus on growing your business 

Decades of HR experience provide you with the best strategic HR solutions 

Integrate all your HR systems for seamless employee data management all while reducing costs that come with hiring, onboarding, and training. 

Bizessence HR Outsourcing Services Benefits

Improve employee retention with all-inclusive training and development, compensation, and benefits plans. 

Avoid penalties that come with compliance risks and employment laws and regulations. 

Solutions tailored to your specific needs of insurance, performance reviews, time and attendance, employee management tools, retirement, and exit 

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