If you have been searching for some tips to get the Australian work permit / TSS Visa and start your career, here are some helpful tips that are going to show you a way. For the last few years, we have witnessed people struggling to get their work visas and this is why we have brought you these top 10 questions that might help you get a work visa effortlessly!

Here are 10 important questions you should remember while applying for a work permit visa in Australia!

1. Is it allowed to bring your family to Australia on a work permit?

Well, if you are going to visit Australia on a migrant worker or business visa, anyone from your family can come with you and be allowed on a work visa. If you want to bring your spouse or family members as de facto partners, they are eligible for it. Also, you can bring children, parents, and grandparents with you. 

2. Is it possible to switch jobs on 482 visas?

An employer must have a newly approved nomination if someone wants to work with a new employer.

3. Are there any kind of age restrictions for a work visa in Australia?

Currently, there are no age limits for any specific work visas. 

4. Is it allowed in Australia to work with two employers? 

No rule or law stops you from working with two employees. However, if you have signed a valid employment contract that prohibits you from working with another employee then it can be an issue. 

5. How to get 482 visas?

A 482 visa is a unique type of work visa, and this visa is applicable if you are nominated by the sponsor of the visa. In this scenario, the sponsor must give a strong reason to hire an overseas worker in the specific position.

6. Can your spouse work on your work permit visa in Australia?

If you have a Partner visa, then there are complete work rights for a partner in Australia and this can apply to all temporary and permanent spouses.  

7. Can the spouse work in Australia?

Your spouse should have work permit rights to work in Australia. 

8. What will happen if your 482 visa gets expired?

An employer must make a different nomination with their guidance, and you should start applying for a new visa before your current visa expires.

9. Is the 482-visa renewable, and how many times can you renew it?

Right now, there are no renewable limits set on the 482 visas and it is renewable. After three years on this visa, however, there are chances you get a Permanent Residency via the ENS Temporary Transition 186 Visa or the RSMS Temporary Transition 187 Visa after three years on a 482 visa.

10. Is it possible to change your company when you are on a work visa?

Yes, you are eligible to change employers. It is possible to change companies and work on the same work platform and there’s no necessity to apply for a completely new visa for this process. If you want to change employer, you need to apply for a new nomination. 

These were some of the most important facts about Australian work visas that you should always remember! It is always a great option to start with a trusted visa services company if you want a hassle-free and easy visa!


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