Payroll audits are a helpful thing that can assist business owners to verify and integrate their payroll records. This process can help identify if there are any gaps between the payroll procedures. Hiring payroll service providers is the best way to step up your payroll game this year. Payroll service providers can assist you in your payroll process so you can save time and energy. Besides hiring payroll service providers, you can simply add these top 8 tips to level up your payroll audit checklist for 2023!

What is a payroll audit?

A payroll audit is helpful to verify if your business is paying employees accurately and on time. Also, many businesses must make sure their payroll duties are following the law. Payroll audits can be a time-consuming and prolonged task. Payroll service providers can perform payroll audits for you and make sure all your payroll records are accurate and timely on your behalf. Payroll audits are done to ensure there are no errors or faults in the procedures with internal controls, and if that is not performed, there could be many inaccuracies in the report.

1. Keep a check on the employee list, PayScale and the hours worked!

Every payroll audit checklist should consist of an accurate record of the employee list, their pay scales with the hours worked. You must make sure that everyone on the payroll is an actual employee and gets paid the correct pay rate as per their salaries. Many payroll fraud schemes can consist of fake employees who are not actual employees of the organization. Ghost employees can haunt your organization and take advantage of your business bank account.

Unscrupulous payroll administrators can take advantage of your unorganized payroll audit and include fake employees in payroll to take all the money with them. Ghost employees are those people who use fake names, or they use former employees’ payroll accounts.

2. Proper verification of variable payments

You should always verify variable payments to assure authorization. Your payroll journal should consist of a separate column for variable pay and regular salaries. Defects in the verification of variable payments can create problems such as payroll in charge can easily award bonuses to those in superior positions.

Payroll reconciliation is the most time-consuming but the most important thing surrounding payroll audit. It’s a good thing to complete a payroll reconciliation before any payroll process runs and this can prevent many errors in payroll processes.

3. Find out if any outstanding tax liabilities are there?

You can find many pieces of payrolls software today that can create outstanding tax liability reports showing complete tax payment details, and some details you could not make on your own. It’s the basic duty of any organization to make timely tax payments.

Payroll software is good in programming, but it can miss out on tax payment details for many reasons. For example, if you find out your outstanding tax liabilities it can become easier for you to carry out the payroll process. It is always a good option to have a conversation with an accountant before you go through any payroll process with the employee, specifically who is staying in a new state. If you find you have missed any outstanding tax liabilities, you can make the payment promptly.

4. Reconciliation of internal payroll records

When you get the accuracy of your payroll records, you can simply assure whether they are falling in line with employment tax forms 940 and 941. Many states build their own versions of forms 940 and 941 to report state-level taxes. To process payroll tax reconciliation forms, there are many steps that you would have to follow, numerous setup steps and procedures are required to complete the process. However, reconciling internal payroll records with tax forms is an important step that requires a serious approach so you can level up your payroll process.

5. Improvements and additions in the payroll process

There is always a scope for improving payroll processes, and you can always search for some scope of improvements in your payroll process.

Payroll audits are something that can be improved with more additions each year to smooth out the process. As new methods and new internal controls are added, you will find it much easier to create important documentation and it can also help to improve the overall payroll audit process.

6. Ensure the total number of hours worked and pay rates!

Conforming pay rates and the total hours worked can be beneficial to keep a check on the real employees and whether they are getting paid. Those who take charge of payroll audits can take the disadvantage of changing employee names and they can take home more than others. In such a scenario, you can fix and confirm the pay rates in the payroll audit. Some fraudsters can effortlessly adjust the extra number of working hours that can level up total compensation for them and take extra money with them at home. Every business should have confirmed pay rates and timesheets for all employees. This task can feel like a tedious and time-consuming thing, but it’s surely worth keeping away from all the fraudulent alterations.

7. Examination and analysis of the payroll process are crucial

Scrutinizing your payroll is another way of keeping payroll audits safe and protected. You can keep your staff informed about the payroll cycles.

Scrutinizing payroll is another important aspect of the payroll audit process, and this process should be performed cautiously by the HR representative as well as all the senior people in the company. The final payroll register review should be done to get more accuracy. Scrutinizing the payroll process can keep away all ghost employees and disadvantages. This increases the chances of a smooth and fluid payroll process and keeps all payroll fraud away.

8. Make sure of your compliance with labor and record keeping laws

This tip can feel like the last and least important thing to do, but you could be required to do this thing at any point in time. This can be the most crucial thing in your payroll audit program. It is important to keep a regular check of labor and recordkeeping laws because such laws are subject to change from time to time. It is also important to get regular updates on wage changes, and payroll record-keeping policies. If you want to keep your payroll records going on, then you need to keep an eye on ever-changing labor laws.

The role of the payroll audit checklist is much bigger and more important for the growth of any organization. An organization can strategically utilize its finances for better use if it knows how to handle and manage the payroll process well, and this fact makes the payroll audit checklist a crucial aspect of every organization. So, as you know the best tips to level up your payroll audit checklist for 2023, take some help from professionals, and reach us today!

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