The Human Resources department is one of the most important departments for any organization as it handles numerous administrative aspects inside the company that can add up to talent retention. The HR department has a unique place in office administration as they encounter professional people and are responsible for maintaining human relations for talent acquisition.

We might know that the HR department sees a bit weird and unpredictable in their approach, right? Many inner facets hang onto HR person’s minds, where they stick to their role wholeheartedly but sometimes create an aura of diplomacy and aloofness! Here are the nine interesting human resources facts that no HR department will admit!

1. No Real Empathetic Connection with Employees!

You can witness this every time; employees reach an HR professional whenever they face a personal problem, tell them a complete story, and the conversation ends with a slightly empathetic expression on HR’s face!

However, later employees find that HR nodded their heads only to adhere to company policies over their empathy drive! HR staff are somewhat programmed to have a sympathetic expression of employees’ thoughts! Numerous office policies are strictly applicable to HR professionals, and this irritates HR professionals as much as it confuses employees!

2. Personal Bias!

The satisfaction of the managers will highly influence the performance appraisals for HR. Employees find it hard to convey their professional issues with HRs as personal bias can come in such a scenario. Managers can be the benefactors for HRs when it comes to appraisals, and that’s why HRs might hesitate to convey raised employee issues to managers.

3. Spotlight Games!

The human resource management department is responsible for maintaining talent acquisition in the organization, and they are the ones who keep an eye on top performers in the office. Employees who perform well are in high regard by the HR department. For this reason, the HR department keeps its focus on inspiring and motivating employees, and it is pointless to resist such personal differences in the organization. Sometimes this bias can be good if employees want extra favours from the HR department.

4. Resolving Disputes!

HR professionals tend to get into disputes to bring them to mediation and resolution, as this is one of the most crucial HR functions. Many times while resolving such issues, HR professionals tend to get aligned with the company’s benefit. Whenever any employee falls into such mishaps, the whole burden can all on the employee’s shoulder if he is the accuser. If the accusations are not strong enough and not in alinement with the company’s benefit, there are high chances that HR might not entertain you well! So, if your allegation is not benefitting the company, think again before connecting with your HR!

5. Big Influence on Company’s Analytics!

Open positions and vacancies are only accessible to HR people, and only these people have a good idea of the hiring rates in the company. In this way, HR professionals have a big influence on this company’s analytics.

6. Layoffs and Recession!

The current layer of recession is making us think that HR professionals are too selfish, whereas the HR department has the same amount of work pressure if they want to dodge the layoffs bullets! The HR departments are also getting restricted and cut down due to the ongoing recession. So, next time you blame HR people for your layoff, kindly remember they have the pressure on their shoulders too if they want to stay in the organization!

7. Keep HR Happy!

HRs are a crucial part of the organization as they have a hold on annual performance appraisals also they are the ones who are responsible for employee security and wellness. This fact makes them important in employees’ life as the opinion of HR professionals can make a difference in an employee’s position! Maintaining a positive relationship with the HR department is going to do halfway work for your next hike!

8. Hold on! Don’t Reveal that Secret!

An employee should always keep a check on what they are sharing with their HR department. The HR is not bound to keep all your talks confidential. Nowadays people add their HR professionals on their social media networks as well, but one needs to be careful about the feeds they share. If your HR feels any suspicious social media activity from your side, then he might feel compelled to take an action against you as they don’t have any choice left with them!

9. They Know Everything About You!

Well, we all know that HR professionals make background checks on employees whenever any new employee enters a company. Many HR departments can access online monitoring platforms that can be used to find deep-rooted information about employees. Also, the HR department tracks your activity and insights! So, be assured that your HR defiantly knows about you more than you think!

Hold on to these secrets as even HR outsourcing companies are not going to tell you these! We believe that human resource management is a tough task and the pressure of maintaining the ethical structure makes HR professionals behave in a certain way!

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